• Bear and Cody Frisbie

List NOW!! Serious shortage in homes.

Only 5 homes under $250,000 in the town of Victor; 6 in the town of Stevensville; and TWO in the town of Florence. Does it matter which agent you choose?

These numbers are a HUGE indicator that it is a sellers market. With such a shortage (especially in this affordable price range) it is an amazing time to list your home. We would love the opportunity to interview for the job of listing your home. Just wondering what your house is worth? No problem...we'd love to give you all the market information.

We are a family operation - working to feed our kids, chickens, dogs, horses and various other animals. We love camping, skiing, music, homesteading and family.

You may know a lot of folks in real estate - maybe a family member or a friend - but I am hear to tell you it REALLY does make a difference in our lives when you choose to list with us. Here is the great news, it will also REALLY make a difference in your life and your experience with buying and selling! We invest ourselves and our talents in every listing and every buyer's search. All real estate agents and teams are NOT the same - We bring our many talents and effort to the table. Cody is a skilled and licensed drone pilot while Bear is a professional photographer. We work to produce the highest quality video, imagery and marketing materials for EVERY listing. While most agents have to

weigh where they will spend their money on marketing and promoting their listings - we

do not. We posses all the tools and skills necessary to present all our listings with HDR photos, drone videography and graphic design skills to produce effective marketing material for print and social media. Cody is an amazing communicator and is detail oriented and Bear has extensive experience in new home construction and design. We know homes, we know land, we know the market! BOOM!

But what is all this info with out the stats to back it up? Here's the thing we have sold 100% of our listings and really really really would like to continue this trend. But with only 1 listing right now (because all the rest have sold or are under contract) - we need your help! If you are considering moving or know someone who is -we would be FOREVER grateful if you consider us or pass along our name to someone you know.

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