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Reasons to not own chickens

None...there isn't one reason you shouldn't have your own backyard chickens.

Ok, if I'm being honest I guess there is one valid reason to not have chickens. Covenants. I realize that some people are at the mercy of the covenants placed on their home/land. So, if you are wondering about what (if any) covenants you may have on the home you are living in - give me a call (or your local real estate agent) and I can help you research the information.

With that out of the should absolutely go for it! I mean, there is the obvious: fresh eggs; but there is so much more. Hens are so easy to keep. You let them out in the morning and then when the sun is going down they escort themselves right back up into their coop to roost. Short of the basic necessities (food and water) really they are very low maintenance.

We love having conversations with our girls, feeding them scraps, picking them up and listening to them make their interesting chatter. When you have a free minute youtube "chickens running"; they are such funny strange little animals.

I will leave it up to you to research the amazing benefits of growing your own food and of farm fresh eggs. But this is such an easy step in the quest towards knowing your food source. Oh yeah, chickens eat bugs too! Bonus, especially, if you're like me - a human magnet for all things that bite and sting!

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