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Surviving the Squirrel (Flying Squirrel)

FLYING SQUIRREL: The good, the bad, and some helpful hints to save a little dough for your visit.

If you haven't had the great pleasure of visiting the Flying Squirrel in Missoula let me be the first to tell you...You are missing out! Last weekend we celebrated my sons 7th birthday (hold please while I sob into my pillow) and it was SO much fun. But, there are a few things you should know about a visit to the amazing trampoline park.

The Good

There is almost no way you or your kid can't have fun. There are trampolines

everywhere and if that isn't enough entertainment they have several different trampoline activities. Basketball hoops for dunking, rope swings, dodgeball and tramps that launch you into a giant inflatable pillow. There is also a designated area for small kiddos (6 and under). It should be noted that we were there on a Saturday afternoon and, although it was crowded, it was not overwhelming. There is plenty of seating to watch the kids jump should you opt out.

The Bad

Price...of everything! Cost to get in for a two hour jump on a Saturday is $26. On top of that you will need to purchase "trampoline socks" - another $3. So, you can easily budget for $30...just to jump/per person. Pizza is relatively affordable but want a pitcher of water to wash it down? SIX DOLLARS! (no, it doesn't include refills and YES, it is tap water). Tip: bring your own water bottle and refill it in the ONLY water fountain in the place. You heard me; in a trampoline park where people of all ages are jumping and exerting themselves there is only one set of water fountains tucked down a hallway near the bathrooms. It is frustrating that the very basic necessity of hydration is being exploited. Their policy is no outside food or drinks - so prepare yourselves with empty water bottles to fill when you get there.

The Birthday party package for 10 kids is $350. We opted to have our party in their cafe with a couple pizzas and tickets from Groupon. Total: $200 for 8 people. Bummer part...again, no outside food or drink. So, no cake or cupcakes. We hit frozen yogurt after. My suggestion for a party: Meet at pizza hut for pizza and cake, purchase your tickets on Groupon (link below), order a bulk package of trampoline socks online, and bring some water pitchers with cups (fill when you get there). Note: your poor baby will miss out on everyone at Flying Squirrel wishing them "Happy Birthday" over the loudspeaker. Absolutely not a deal breaker to save $150.

Groupon deal (good as of March 28, 2018)


It is so much fun! You have to go! But please don't pay full price and be prepared. It is clear that they know they have a good thing and that people will be willing to pay an arm and a leg. But seriously, we live in Montana and having this option for an activity is awesome. So go!

Your feedback

How was your adventure at Flying Squirrel? Have any other tips? Please leave a comment.

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