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Updated: Mar 28, 2018

We want to experience life with friends, family, and clients. These are our discoveries, ideas, tips and ramblings. Please join us and add to the

conversation as we discuss a WIDE VARIETY of topics.

Aren't we just all having so much fun? It should be accurately noted that about 7 minutes after this adorable picture was taken both kids were in tears. It has always amazed me how opposite emotions fall so closely on the spectrum. But, back to the lovely moment pictured above: We were in California in December (which feels similar to May in Montana) and pulled off a very sweet intimate backyard wedding. Perhaps one day we'll discuss all that goes into second marriages, step parenting and the melding of

lives - but for today we just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Cody and Bear Frisbie and we live in the Bitterroot Valley...and yes, the one John Denver sings about. And no, "That John Denver was not full of...". It is amazing here! We work for Montana Westgate Realty in Hamilton but really, there is SO much more to us. Some of it you will want to know and some you will wish we kept to ourselves. We really enjoy making connections and learning from those around us. So, here we go...please join us on this journey of real life and real estate! One day you might see a blog post on the most recent market report/interest rates and the next a "how-to" on roasting your own coffee beans. No boundaries here!

Like the photos? They are compliments of Bojana Korach Photography. Check out

her work :

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